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Aftercharge is a competitive 3v3 first-person online game by Chainsawesome Games that pits invisible robots against a squad of specialized security enforcers in quick-paced skirmishes. The robots, called Workonics, must sabotage the energy extractors scattered over the map while the Enforcers are tasked to spot them and stop them.

Game history[edit | edit source]

Aftercharge is Chainsawesome Games’ third title. It was born from a prototype that earned the studio an honor in the professional category of the Pixel Challenge 48-hour Game Jam in 2015. The first version of the game called Electric Panic was played in a top-down perspective much in the likes of the studio’s second title, Knight Squad. Wanting to step it up a notch and create a game with high competitive potential, the team kept the core gameplay, changed the view to first-person, secured funding and set course to create a much more ambitious project.

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